The Telemovie Version of The Living Legend

First created: April 1, 1998
Maintained by John Larocque

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"The Living Legend" telemovie is one of four telemovies based on episodes originally aired in two parts. One of the features of these telemovies is the presence of new footage that never made it in the original broadcast versions of the episodes. This document presents a list of new and cut scenes found in the telemovie presentation of "The Living Legend", when compared with the broadcast version of the episode.

1. Cassie's Reunion (30s)

There are several seconds of unaired dialog between Cain and Cassiopeia, where she discusses Starbuck. This is the version that's shown in the original episode:
Cain: ... they're all in love with you, I'm sure.
Cassiopeia: No, only one, Starbuck. You're talking about Starbuck.
And this is the version shown in the telemovie:
Cain: ... they're all in love with you, I'm sure.
Cassiopeia: No, only one, and he doesn't love easily.
Cain: Then don't waste your time on him.
Cassiopeia: He's not a waste of time. He's just afraid of caring too much. He had a pretty rough infancy.
Cain: No worse than yours.
Cassiopeia: We all handle loneliness in our own ways. My way was to reach out to everyone. Starbuck's was to shut everyone out.
Cain: Starbuck. You're talking about Starbuck.

2. Sheba and Apollo in the Landing Bay (1m16s)

This is a scene between Sheba and Apollo, just after Sheba tells Apollo "working with you won't be a problem." It begins as both of the step out of the elevator and enter into the launch bay. The scene ends, just as Sheba climbs into her Viper.
Apollo: Sheba, there's not a person aboard the Galactica I wouldn't lay down my life for, and do every day.
Sheba: I'm sure you can't know everyone as well as you should.
Apollo: I know the lady you're upset about.
Sheba: Do you?
Apollo: I know who she is now. Who or what she may have been before doesn't count for anything. We've all been through a cleansing fire. It's stripped every one of us of those things that brought down our world—only the strong have survived.
Sheba: Not necessarily. I know a little something about survival.
Apollo: It's a lot easier in a cockpit with thrusters and lasers to defend yourself than it is for people back aboard the fleet who must sit and wait. People like Cassiopeia, who work around the clock piecing together the wounded who aren't lucky enough to get out of the way.
Sheba: Cassiopeia works in the Life Station?
Apollo: Everyone's had to learn to contribute. She's one of our best medics.
Shebea: All right, Apollo. Consider me briefed.
Apollo: What about convinced?
Sheba: I don't convince easily. Human weakness is a given. It may lower its profile, as you put it. But it's still there.
Apollo: What about you? Any weaknesses?
Sheba: None that'll ever come between us, Captain.
The scene ends when Sheba climbs into her cockpit and lowers the canopy.

3. Bridge Dialog Before the Tanker Incident

Unaired bridge dialog just prior to the Vipers launching to get the fuel.
Tigh: It's kind of like the old days. I mean the luxury of being able to divide the fighting load between two Battlestars.
Adama: Ah, actually more than a luxury. A blessing, a real blessing. And so was finding Commander Cain and his knowledge of this quadrant. Lord knows what would have happened if we had moved ahead into the Cylon war zone.
Tigh: In a way it's almost providential we ran out of fuel.
Adama: Yes, Colonel. You see, things do have a way of occuring providentially in a manner baffling to the mortal mind.
A one-second scene of a Viper scanner is absent in the telemovie version, at the end of this scene.

4. Bridge Dialog After the Tanker Incident (28s)

Unaired bridge dialog just prior to the post-mission conference between Adama and the strike captains.
Tigh: Fighter squadron returning, sir, but no tankers.
Adama: What?
Tigh: No tankers. It seems like they were unable to locate the convoy.
Adama: That's odd. Cain seemed so certain he'd find it.
Tigh: What is certain is that we can't stay here. And we can't move without fuel. It looks like we'll have to attack their main base.
Adama: I want Commander Cain and his strike captains in my quarters as soon as they land.
Tigh: Yes sir.

5. Pegasus Launching Vipers (22s)

After Baltar tells the Cylon "Turn, you fool, turn." at the end of Part one, there's a short sequence of a Pegasus bridge officer, saying "Launch when ready", followed as Sheba, Bojay, and an unnamed Warrior launching their Vipers.

6. Tight Knit Team - The Gomoray Mission Party (29s)

There's several seconds of unaired dialog after Cassiopeia says that they "have a [Med Tech] now". Square brackets indicate dialog present in the broadcast version.
Apollo: Oh for...
Boomer: Apollo. We're microns from launch.
Starbuck: Where do you think you're going?
Cassiopeia: On the mission.
Starbuck: Dressed like that? This is a jump.
Cassiopeia: I've got everything I need is in this carry-all.
Sheba: I am not going on the same shuttle with her.
Apollo: It's not up to you. She's one of us.
Boomer: Ah, this is a very nice tight knit team we have here.
Starbuck: [With support troops like this, who needs Cylons?]

7. Bridge Dialog Before the Drop on Gamoray (1m07s)

Unaired bridge dialog, just prior to when Tigh announces that the "Pegasus is on her way, right into the drop zone."
Adama: Tigh, notify all ship captains that the Galactica and Pegasus are moving out, leaving them temporarily unguarded.
Tigh: Do we tell them any more than that?
Adama: No. Helm, make ready to move. Flank speed, and fuel be damned. We've got to make that jump on Gomoray before they can launch.