The Telemovie Version of Lost Planet of the Gods

First created: April 1, 1998
Maintained by John Larocque

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The "Lost Planet of the Gods" telemovie is one of four telemovies based on episodes originally aired in two parts. One of the features of these telemovies is the presence of new footage that never made it in the original broadcast versions of the episodes. This document presents a list of new and cut scenes found in the telemovie presentation of "Lost Planet of the Gods", when compared with the broadcast version of the episode (which is now available from Universal Home Video.)

1. The Ragtag Fleet (9s/5s)

After Serina's dinner scene, which ends with Adama describing Starbuck as a "good advance scout", there are four extra seconds of the ragtag fleet, before returning to the next scene, featuring Rigel on the bridge.

2. Shuttle Cadet Serina (1m06s)

On the bridge, after Tigh advises Adama on the status of Patrol #2 (Jolly and Boomer), there is additional unaired dialog of their conversation, followed by an all new scene of Serina landing her shuttle. It begins right after Adama instructs Tigh "I want [Boomer] in. We're flying blind".
Omega: Commander. Shuttle cadet on first orbit solo coming in.
Adama: Well, if he doesn't make a clean approach, wave him off and land the patrol. We need the reports.
Omega: Yes, sir.
The scene then focuses on Serina, piloting her shuttle towards the Galactica.
Rigel's voice: You are on center line. On glideslope. Two hundred metrons... one fifty. One hundred... fifty... over threshhold! Good luck!
Serina: (turning off several switches on shuttle) Navigational beacon off. Turbo ram thruster off. Power off.
The scene ends just as Rigel announces "Alpha patrol, you are cleared to land."

Although this scene was cut from the original version of the episode, both Boomer and Apollo make reference to it later on. While landing their Vipers, Boomer remarks that "that cadet made a better approach". Later on, in an argument with Apollo, Serina announces that she is a shuttle cadet who has just finished her first solo.

3. Adama Extends Curfew (33s)

After Starbuck and Apollo escape the Void, there is an extended bridge dialog between Tigh and Apollo. It begins just after Adama tells him to have Apollo "report to the bridge on the double".
Tigh: Uh., Sir. Some of the boys have prepared a special send-off for your son. As it is, he'll just get back in time to make a fast appearance, if he has to come up here to make a report.
Adama: I will not risk the lives of everyone in the fleet. Even for my son's send-off. However, I could extend tonight's curfew.
Tigh: Yes sir.
Adama: Pass the word along.

4. Cassiopeia's Fresh Beginning (47s)

After Apollo's heated exchange with Adama over his intentions to train the female shuttle cadets as Viper pilots, there's a new scene between Apollo and Cassipeia at Life Station, on Boomer's condition.
Apollo: What are his chances?
Cassiopeia: Not very good, not unless we can find the cause of the infection.
Apollo: (touching Boomer's isolation chamber) We appreciate all you're doing, Cassiopeia.
Cassiopeia: We do what we have to Apollo. You know, if anything good came out of the destruction of the Colonies, it was the opportunity for fresh beginnings.

5. Conversation in Adama's Quarters(44s)

There's some additional unaired dialog at the beginning of the scene where Adama explains to Tigh why he is going into the Void.
Adama: Enter
Tigh: You can uncross your fingers, sir.
Adama: What about my toes?
Tigh: (laughing) I forgot about those.
Adama: Colonel. How long before we enter the Void?
Tigh: Thirty or fourty centons, sir.
Adama: You disapprove of my leading the fleet into the Void, don't you?
Tigh: It's not my place to disapprove, sir, Merely advise.
Adama: Colonel. Let's dispense with all protocol. I need someone to talk to. Give me your thoughts.
At this point that the broadcast version of the scene begins, with Tigh telling Adama "for all we know, the Void could be endless."

6. Cut Scene - Serina's Patrol (0s/5s)

The telemovie version cuts five seconds from the start this scene, which are present in the broadcast version. It is where Apollo and Serina are being lowered into the launch bay, as Starbuck is launching his Viper. The dialog in square brackets is where the Telemovie version begins this scene.
Apollo: Starbuck! He's violating orders. He's trying to protect Serina, or me, or [both].

7. Kobol's Original Fate (41s)

This is a scene of unaired dialog between Adama, Apollo and Serina on the surface of Kobol. Dialog in square brackets indicates dialog spoken in the broadcast version.
Adama: [This might be Eden. I don't know.]
Apollo: It feels holy.
Serina: And sad. Was it their fault their world died?
Adama: According to the log, incredible waste occured. The rivers and oceans were contaminated. The skies culdn't support even the heartiest of creatures. And when they settled the Colonies, they turned on the very technology that could have saved them had they used it properly. They destroyed the ships, the machines, everything. It took them hundreds of yahrens to revive even the most primitive crafts.
Apollo: (touching column) [I can't read any of it.]

8. Boxey and Starbuck (58s)

Between the scene where Serina was shot on Kobol, and her deathbed scene, there is additional dialog betwen Boxey and Starbuck. The scene starts with Cassiopeia walking out of Life Station.
Starbuck: It's going to be all right, isn't it?
Cassiopeia breaks into tears, and embraces Starbuck.
Boxey: Hi, Starbuck. I heard ya did good.
Starbuck: Well, you know how it is kid. When you're great, you're great.
Boxey: I want to hear all about it after I see mother.
Starbuck: Sure. Listen, why don't you let me look after Muffit. We'll wait for you right here. Promise.
Boxey: [to Muffit] Stay with Starbuck, Muffit. We'll be right back.
At this point, Apollo enters Life Station with Boxey.