The Telemovie Version of Gun on Ice Planet Zero

First created: April 1, 1998
Maintained by John Larocque

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The "Gun on Ice Planet Zero" telemovie is one of four telemovies based on episodes originally aired in two parts. One of the features of these telemovies is the presence of new footage that never made it in the original broadcast versions of the episodes. This document presents a list of new and cut scenes found in the telemovie presentation of "Gun on Ice Planet Zero", when compared with the broadcast version of the episode (which is now available from Universal Home Video.)

1. Bridge Dialog - Herded Ahead (15s)

After Adama utters the line that the Galactica was being "herded into this safe passage ahead", there's some additional unaired dialog:
Athena: Why, father? What's out there?
Adama: I don't know. I really don't know, but I think we should be sending out more patrol ships.
Tigh: Commander. We've pushed our starfighters around the clock. We're throwing in cadets from the Academy now.

2. Bridge Dialog - Suicide Mission (5s)

Later, when Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer join Adama on the bridge, they discuss the idea of sending a probe to the surface. There's some additional unaired dialog after Adama proposes a specialized task force to find a weakness and destroy the weapon.
Tigh: We can't be sure there is a weakness.
Adama: I cannot see any alternative. I'm open for suggestions.
The dialog ends when Adama orders Tigh to perform a computer search for qualified personnel.

3. Apollo's Confrontation /Adama's Speech (2m40s)

After Starbuck and Boomer brief the convicts aboard the prison barge, there's a missing scene in Adama's quarters where Apollo argues with his father over his decision to exclude Apollo from the mission. Adama eventually relents, allowing him to join the mission.
Adama: Oh, Apollo. You look troubled.
Apollo: Not troubled. Angry.
Adama: Angry about what?
Apollo: The computer search for members of the landing party.
Adama: Yes?
Apollo: Well, it's my feeling the computer was influenced.
Adama; Well, that's a rather serious charge.
Apollo: I'm aware of that. You don't want me to go, do you?
Adama: Are you suggesting that I would spare a member of my own family?
Apollo: I'm suggesting the selection was biased, or I would have been chosen. I'm qualified in survival techniques. I am single. I have the correct endurance rating, weapons capability, command factor.
Adama: You've never had experience in subzero tempratures.
Apollo: None of our Warriors have arctic training.
Adama: If the computer passed you over, there must be a reason for it.
Apollo: Yes, and I know exactly what that reason is. You are the sole judge of who is expendable and who isn't, and according to Colonel Tigh, I am rated as non-expendable.
Adama: You are the highest rated Warrior we have.
Apollo: Father, don't you think I understand? You've lost so many members of the family—Zac, mother.
Adama: I will not reprogram the search.
Apollo: You don't have to. Let the selections stand, but expand the party by one. If I am your highest rated Warrior you need me on this mission. Because if it fails, no one will survive, and you know it.
Adama: Tell Colonel Tigh it is so ordered.
The scene then switches to the Galactica bridge, with Starbuck and Athena.
Starbuck: Athena? Hi!
Athena: Hi.
Starbuck: Oh, is that the revised list for the mission?
Athena: Yes. I wanted to be on it, but the computer chose Leda. She's a convict.
Starbuck: You're lucky. It's a one-way voyage. Uh, may I? (taking the list)
The scene switches a briefing room aboard the Galactica, with Adama and the members of the demolitions team.
Adama: The shuttle will carry a snow vehicle, Ram-class armed with lasers. Sergeant Haals is Senior Gunnery master; Vickers is from the gun crew which held the rear guard at the Battle of Caprica. You will need a laser technician. Voight is the chief of the weapons repair section. You've met the demolition unit which will be led by Colonel Croft.
Croft: Does that mean I'm reinstated to full rank?
Adama: Temporarily. Full reinstatement will depend on the outcome of the operation.
Croft: Reinstatement on one hand, death on the other, huh?
At this point the telemovie and broadcast version converge, with Adama's remark that there's not all that much difference between the convicts and the rest of the population.

3. Questions About the Thetans (24s)

After Ser 5-9 says "we can talk of your going", there is an unaired dialog where the Colonials express suspicions about the Thetans. It ends when the Thetans return with liquids to replenish the dehydrated crew.
Starbuck: I don't like the way he said that.
Apollo: Something's very strange about all this. Humans surviving on a Cylon outpost? It doesn't make sense.
Croft: There's something else that doesn't make sense. These people aren't just simple hunters. Look at this place.
Boomer: Look at all this wreckage. That's Cylon armor.
Starbuck: And with scorch marks from combat laser.
Wolfe: I say we jump him and get outta here.
Leda: I agree.
Apollo: If they fight Cylons, they're on our side. We might be able to use their help.
Boxey: I'm thirsty.

4. Leaving Behind the Others (20s)

After Apollo informs the Thetans that they have solenite, and Tenna promises to guide the Colonials to the village, there's some unaired dialog between Apollo and those who are staying behind from the mission.
Apollo: I want you to stay here with Vickers and Voight.
Halls: I'm fine, captain.
Apollo: I know you are. I want somebody here who can defend himself, just in case.
Haals: Right, skipper.

5. Trek to the Village Sequence (46s/30s)

There's a slight sequential difference between the telemovie and the broadcast version of the episode, after Boomer tells Apollo that Starbuck "took off with Tenna on the plateau".The telemovie version is slightly shorter, as there are less snow shots. The next two scenes are reversed from their broadcast sequence order, as. Wolfe's discussion with Croft of his getaway plans appears after Starbuck's conversation with Tenna.

6. Children of the Thetans (19s)

After the Thetans tell Boomer that the Thetans have been bearing and hiding children, there's some additional unaired dialog and scenes. Dialog between square brackets indicates material also present in the broadcast verson.
Ser 5-9: (smiles) [But we have been bearing children.]
Boomer: [And hiding them.]
Tenna: [Yes]. We love them.
Ser 5-9 II: We must hurry.
This is followed by short sequence of the task force spitting into two teams, Apollo and Ser 5-9 on the right, with the rest of the party on the right.

7. Boxey's Orders (38s)

After Tenna announces to Starbuck that the Cylons have caputred one of his pilots, there's some additional unaired dialog between Starbuck, Thane, Boomer and Boxey.
Tenna; The Cylons have captured one of your party.
Thane: I'll go for him.
Starbuck: You're not going anywhere. We need you to scale the mountain. I'll take a look, Boomer. If I'm not back in ten centons.
Boomer: I don't know, Starbuck.
Starbuck: I do.
Boxey: I'm going too. Dad said to keep an eye on you.
Starbuck: Your dad told you to... ? Now listen, kid. I'm counting on you as a Colonial Warrior to keep these children safe. Now your father also told you to obey orders, right?
Boxey; I guess so.
Starbuck: All right. Then snap to it cadet and stay clear of the women. Remember your on duty. (to Boomer) Be back in a flash.