Galactica 1980 Episode Guide

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The technical information for this compilation is taken from the original episodes of the series. Additional cast information was taken from Starlog's Photo Guidebook of TV Episode Guides, Vol. I, Epi-Log magazine, and other sources.


Cdr. Adama: Lorne Greene
Capt. Troy: Kent McCord
Lt. Dillon: Barry Van Dyke
Jamie Hamilton: Robyn Douglass
Dr. Zee (pilot): Robbie Rist
Dr. Zee: Patrick Stuart
Col. Boomer: Herbert Jefferson, Jr.
Mr. Brooks: Fred Holliday
Superscout: Mike Brick
Superscout: Jeff Cotler
Superscout: Nicholas Davies
Superscout: Ronnie Densford
Superscout: Georgi Irene
Superscout: Tracy Justrich
Superscout: David Larson
Superscout (Moonstone): Eric Larson
Superscout (Starla): Michelle Larson
Superscout: Jerry Supiran
Superscout: Eric Taslitz


Created by: Glen A. Larson
Executive Producer: Glen A. Larson
Supervising Producer: David J. O'Connell
Co-producers: Jeff Freilich, Ben Kadish
Assistant Producers: David G. Phinney, Tim King
Story Editors: Chris Bunch, Allan Cole, Robert W. Gilmer
Music Score: Stu Phillips
Theme: Glen A. Larson
Directors of Photography: Ben Colman, Mario DiLeo
Set Directors: Morrie Hoffman, Jennifer Polito-Puma
Casting by: Phil Benjamin
Sound: James F. Rogers, Earl Crain, Jr.
Unit Production Manager: John C. Chulay
Sound Effects Editor: Samuel Reynolds
Music Editor: Herbert D. Woods
Costume: Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Costume Supervisor: Mark Peterson
Titles and Optical Effects: Universal Title
Miniatures and Special Effects Photography: Universal Hartland


Galactica Discovers Earth

Airdate: Part 1 - January 27, 1980, Part 2 - February 3, 1980, Part 3 - February 10, 1980
Written by: Glen A. Larson
Directed by: Sidney Hayers
Guest cast: Richard Lynch (Xavier), Robert Reed (Prof. Mortinson), Christopher Stone (Maj. Stockwell), Sharon Acker (Secretary), Richard Eastham (Gen. Cushing), Albert Paulsen, Louis Turenne, Michael Strong, Pamela Susan Shoop (Ms. Carlyle), Vernon Weddle (1st Cop), David Moses (2nd Cop), Brion James (Willy (biker)), Mickey Jones (Donzo), Duncan Mackenzie (1st Pilot (part 1)), Bruce Douglas (2nd Pilot), Eddie Firestone (Derelict), Frank Downing (1st Guard), Don Maxwell (2nd Guard), Ted Gehring (Sheriff), Curt Lowens (German commander), James R. Parkes (Walt Griffin (father)), Bruce Wright (Aide), Adam Starr (Willy Griffin (boy)), Missy Francis (Little girl), Todd Martin (3rd German), John Zenda (Cop), Erik Holland (2nd German officer), Eric Forst (1st German officer), Hank Brandt (Colonel), Duncan Mackenzie (3rd Guard (part 3)), Jonathan Williams (2nd Guard), Paul Brown (4th Guard), Ray Duke (Newspaper boy), Doug Hale (Air Force Major), Billy Jacoby (Tucker)

At last, the Galactica finds the planet Earth! It's the year 1980 A.D., and their hopes are dashed when they find that the planet does not have the technology to help defeat the Cylons. In fact, the Earth is bad off as it is. The Galactica leaves Earth, so that the Cylons following do not find it, but send down Capt. Troy (formerly Boxey, Adama's grandson) and Lt. Dillon to contact Prof. Mortinson, a man they feel can help them to advance Earth's technology quick enough to be of help. There is trouble, in the form of Xavier, one of the Council of Twelve who feels that the Galacticans should upgrade Earth by travelling into the past and introducing modern devices (Dr. Zee has developed a time-travel device and a cloaking device, both outfitted into Vipers). He goes to Nazi Germany, not caring about the consequences, and Troy and Dillon, joined by reporter Jamie Hamilton of Earth, follow him. They undo his damage, but lose Xavier somewhere in time. Adama goes ahead with is plan to slowly upgrade Earth, Prof. Mortinson is told that someday he will meet them again, and Jamies joins the Colonial fleet.

The Super Scouts

Airdate: Part 1 - March 16, 1980, Part 2 - March 23, 1980
Written by: Glen A. Larson
Directed by: Vince Edwards (Part 1), Sigmund Neufeld, Jr. (Part 2)
Guest cast: Allan Miller (Col. Sydell), George Deloy (Dr. Spencer), John Quade (Sheriff Ellsworth), Mike Kellin (Stockton), Michael Swan (Collins), Carlene Watkins (Nurse Valerie), Caroline Smith, Jack Ging, Helen Page Camp (Saleslady), Simon Scott (Captain), Ken Scott (Co-pilot)

The Cylons launch a surprise attack on the fleet, doing considerable damage. Troy and Dillon take the children of the fleet down to Earth to protect them. With Jamie's help, they disguise themselves as scouts, but they get into some trouble, such as when Dillon tries to change his gold cubits in for American currency, and accidentally robs a bank. With the police after them, the group camp out in the woods. However, some of the children become ill from drinking polluted water from a chemical plant, and there is a problem with the Colonists' bizarre anatomies. The children are saved, however, and the plant is closed down.


Airdate: March 30, 1980
Written by: Frank Lupo, Jeff Freilich, Glen A. Larson
Directed by: Barry Crane
Guest cast: Allan Miller (Col. Sydell), Jeremy Brett (Xavier), Paul Koslo (Billy), Bert Rosario (Hal)

Xavier returns, and gets rid of Troy and Dillon by sending them into space in a sabotaged Viper. They are busy repairing the ship while Xavier tries to kidnap the kids and hold them for ransom. Meanwhile, Jamie has taken the children to a baseball camp for underprivileged kids where she is doing a story. This of course results in them playing a game with their super-powers, saving the camp from being closed down. Troy and Dillon return in time to foil Xavier, but he escapes again.

The Night The Cylons Landed

Airdate: Part 1 - April 13, 1980, Part 2 - April 20, 1980
Written by: Glen A. Larson
Directed by: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr. (Part 1), Barry Crane (Part 2)
Guest cast: Wolfman Jack (Wolfman Jack), Peter Mark Richman (Col. Briggs), William Daniels (Norman), Lara Parker (Shirley), Marj Dusay (Mildrid), Val Bisoglio (Arnie), Bernie Hamilton (Cop), Heather Young (Star), Roger Davis (Andromus), Sheila de Windt (Stewardess), Rene Levant (1st Officer), Ed Griffith (2nd Officer), Jed Mills (Cabbie (part 1)), Timothy O'Hagan (Karon), Rex Cutter (Centuri), Robert Lunny (Britton), Ken Lynch (Grover), Arthur Batanides (Cabbie (part 2)), John Finnegan (Oficer in trauma room), Herb Vigram (Pop), John Widlock (Chuck), Dan Ferrone (Police Sergeant), Alexander Petala (1st tough), Cosie Costa (2nd Tough), Tony Miratti (3rd tough), Louis Sardo (4th tough), Paul Tuerpe (Fireman), Chip Lucia (M.C.)

The Cylon Empire has built a new type of Cylon, a humanoid android. One of them, Andromus, along with a centurian, crashland on Earth. Troy and Dillon attempt to catch them, but the Cylons are picked up by a group of people on their way to a Halloween party. The Cylons learn that the party is associated with a New York radio station, and seek to take control of the station to send a message to a nearby Cylon Base ship that they have found Earth. The Cylons attempt to over the radio station (where Wolfman Jack is the D.J.). Troy and Dillon are slowed in their attempt to stop them when they have to save a child in a penthouse fire started by the Cylons. They save the child and stop the Cylons.

Space Croppers

Airdate: April 27, 1980
Written by: Robert L. McCullough
Directed by: Daniel Haller
Guest cast: Dana Elcar (John Steadman), Ana Alicia (Gloria Alonzo), Anna Navarro (Louise Alonzo), Bill Cort (Tren), Bill McKinney (Barrett), Ned Romero (Hector Alonzo), Booth Colman (Rogers), Joaquin Garay III (Chris Alonzo), Andy Jarrell (Maze), Phil Levien (Dante), Dennis Haysbert (The Creature), John Dancona (Foley), Gordon Haight (Deacon), Stefan Haves (Channon), Lance Mugleston (Pilot)

The Cylons again attack the fleet, taking out the Agroships. With their food supply destroyed, Troy and Dillon enter a partnership with Hector Alonzo, a farmer being threatened by a powerful and prejudiced land baron, John Steadman. The Galacticans bring down Dr. Zee's anti-grav ship, and Steadman spots this and calls in the police. The Galacticans hide the evidence of their presence, put Steadman out of business, and get their food.

The Return Of Starbuck

Airdate: May 4, 1980
Written by: Glen A. Larson
Directed by: Ron Satlof
Guest cast: Dirk Benedict (Lt. Starbuck), Judith Chapman (Angela), Rex Cutter (Cyrus ("Cy")), Elllen Gurkin (Girl on bridge), Gary Owens (voice of Cyrus ("Cy"))

At last, the fate of Starbuck is revealed. Prof. Zee was revealed in the premiere to be a mutant and a child genius. He has a dream about Starbuck, which he relates to Adama, who knows the story to be true.

Fourteen years earlier, while in a battle, Starbuck's Viper was gravely damaged, and Boomer watched him wildly fly towards a planet. The fleet could not go back for him, since the Cylons were on their tail. Starbuck crashed onto the barren planet, his ship all but destroyed. There he finds the remains of a Cylon fighter, of which one Cylon he is able to fix. He does this out of loneliness. Cy, as he names him, first wishes to kill Starbuck, because he is a human, but soon learns that they need each other, and they become friends (to both of their surprise). Then a mysterious pregnant woman appears, and Starbuck does his all to care for her, which makes Cy jealous. However, Cy helps Starbuck build a tiny ship out of the remains of both their ships, and after the woman gives birth, launches the baby into space, the mysterious woman is gone. It was surmised that she was from another dimension. Soon after, a Cylon patrol lands on the planet, and when they find Starbuck they attempt to kill him. However, Cy gives his life to save Starbuck, killing two of the Cylons before the third guns him down. Starbuck finishes off the third Cylon, but Cy is too far gone to be fixed. Starbuck is left alone again.

Adama reveals to Zee that he had come to the fleet in a small ship, and his identity is revealed.